Learnings from Google Summer of Code Open Source Summit

on Harshil Jani


I am a Google Summer of Code selected contributor for the year 2022 under CERN-HSF. So, Every year, For all the selected students ( or contributors in any sense) are invited to attend the Global GSOC summit where speakers comes and address things about open source and computer science in general. I was part of this summit and attended it (virtually). I was really impressed by the event and it had left me with a mindset about how to take forward the open source industry and computer science.

The summit kicks off with Chris DiBona who is the director of GSOC and actual person behind the initialization of this prestigious program and Stephanie Taylor discussing about why this year it was not only restricted to the university students but also to other people in the tech. The reason was pretty acceptable that people who couldn’t make it in university and got engaged with their lives and then they recently had a career switch , Then it would allow them to be a part of this program. But this just don’t affect the opportunities for new students as 80% of them are still students. Only 20% of people are graduates. So, It really doesn’t block opportunities and provides a chance for others who wants to have a great career boost.

As the summit moves on - Mentors, Project Admins, Students, Ex-Students, Legal Advisors, Tech enthusiasts, Google Program leaders and many different kind of individuals gave a speech on their respected topics. Here below you can find my learnings from the entire GSOC Summit from various speakers and presenters.

I would conclude saying that, This summit was something more than just knowing about open source and technology , Instead it helped in shaping someone into a person whom really a kind of tech world needs.