Navigating Indian city using Public Transport without Google Maps

on Harshil Jani

#india #travelling

I have found a beauty of travelling with public transport in India. Talking about today, I am returning back to my hometown and was using a public transport system of the city where my university is located. It is a bus service called BRTS. I was always a bit afraid and doubtful to use it since I had been told rumours that if you don't know the station where you need to change then you may lose up the bus. There might be chance that you would eventually not reach destination on time.

I always travel with google maps for unexplored paths. This makes me more sure that I am travelling in exact manner. But was this a way to travel ? Today, I was an hour and half early than my scheduled time of journey. I thought to not operate my mobile phone and go with the flow. If something goes wrong, I would just use my phone and have a cab service.

Eventually, It turned out that navigating without looking at Google Maps was actually easier and more fun. I got to see lots of things which tempted me to have some realizations along the way. Let's start from the beginning about what I did in place of removing my mobile phone and searching on Google Maps.

I have tried doing this with google maps several times without taking any help from people but that journey doesn't feels fullfiling and I was not able to recognize the areas since I was always on my phone.

But the journey where I travelled with human support and with signs and landmarks helped me to learn more and more about the city, Interact with fellow humans and observe the traits of people. I saw people coming from all three age groups. I saw well-dressed hospital nurses and I saw kids coming from their evening coaching institute in green uniform (Famous in India for IIT-JEE exams). People with sheer concentration fighting for getting a seat once a passenger left his seat just before their destination arrived and new people rushing in being idle without any idea asking for direction just as I was asking few moments ago.

The journey made me to feel alive.